US Bingo Halls

Bingo in America is played in every city, in every state. While the game varies from the Bingo that is played in Europe, the object of the game remains the same… have fun and win!

In this section we tell you more about the following:

  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • US Bingo Halls
  • Spanish Bingo

75 Ball Bingo

As you can guess by the name, 75 Ball Bingo is played using numbers from 1 to 75. The 75 Ball game card has a 5 x 5 grid containing 25 of a possible 75 numbers. The grids have five rows, each starting with the letters of the word ‘BINGO’.

Bingo is won on patterns, such as diagonal, straight up or straight down or cover-all, which is a card with all the blocks filled. As soon as a player fills all the blocks in the pattern needed to win, the game is won.

US Bingo Halls

In the US, the game is mainly played by churches or charity organisations. Some US Bingo halls rent out their venues to organisations, but generally games are hosted in church halls on a weekly basis. Prizes for these Bingo games are usually smaller, with a bigger prize for the final jackpot game played on the coverall pattern.

Players wanting to play for the big jackpots play at licensed casinos, which are legal in Nevada. Las Vegas boasts many Bingo parlours and clubs, and many players organise Bingo weekends to play and win big stake games.

Spanish Bingo

Spanish Bingo players in the United States, Central and South America who play the 75 Ball version of the game can be found in halls from Brazil to the Bronx. While Spanish-speaking halls are becoming increasingly common, many Spanish-speaking players play at English-speaking halls as well.

Bingo games in Spanish are also used as an innovative learning tool for language students. This is a fun way for learners of all ages and levels to learn the language, and involves words rather than numbers. From the furthest corners of South America to the top of North America, Bingo halls US can be found where there are players who love the game.

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