UK Bingo Halls

Wondering where you can play the best Bingo in the UK? Your luck is in – in this section we’ll tell you everything you need to know about UK Bingo halls.

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90 Ball Bingo

The most commonly found type of Bingo played in the UK is 90 Ball Bingo. Bingo is played with tickets containing a 3 x 9 grid of random numbers from 1 to 90, in no particular order. Players can either win one line, two lines or Full House (all three lines). 90 Ball games are usually played in sessions, and players usually buy strips. A strip is a set of six tickets. Players can also choose to buy a certain number of strips, also called a book.

Bingo Halls in London

The biggest Bingo halls in London are Mecca and Gala, and between them, they make up a staggering eight million members! The biggest Bingo spot in London is the Kilburn Mecca Bingo. Located in what was considered the biggest movie theatre in the country back in 1937, this Italian Renaissance masterpiece is as glitzy a venue as it gets.

Bingo Halls in Scotland

The most well-known Bingo club in Scotland is the Calton Bingo Club, which has halls all across the country. Bingo is one of the most popular activities in Scotland, despite a drop in numbers since a law was passed to stop smoking in Bingo venues in Scotland, Whales and Ireland, with many other UK venues reported to follow suit.

Bingo Halls in Ireland

Bingo halls in Ireland are found in almost every county and city in the country. Ireland is one of the top Bingo-playing countries in Europe, coming in very closely behind Britain, Sweden and Spain.

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