Playing Bingo

A few years ago, if you thought that the only people who were playing Bingo were little old ladies, you may have been right. These days, however, young adults, middle-agers, seniors, men and women, all participate.

In this section we’ll share more about the following:

  • Land Bingo
  • Playing Bingo Tips
  • Winning Bingo

Land Bingo

Land Bingo is the Bingo that is played in halls across the world. Whether it’s a fundraiser or a weekly game, playing Bingo is the most fun to be had indoors.

A typical game has about 50 tickets played per player. These tickets are purchased as players enter the venue, from a booth or table at the entrance. Once players have all entered and have sat with their tickets, the caller announces the first game and the action begins.

The balls are released from the cage or blower, and the caller announces each ball as it randomly falls. The caller nearly always uses calling slang for the Bingo numbers.

Here are some examples of calling slang terms:

  • Legs Eleven (number 11)
  • Two Little Ducks (number 22)
  • All The Threes (number 33)

Players then have to frantically mark off numbers on their tickets as they hear them called, and the first to fill their ticket in the set pattern (usually lines) wins the game.

Playing Bingo Tips

Bingo is a game of chance, and it’s all about luck. Take a look at these Bingo playing tips and perhaps your luck will change!

Top tips for Bingo:

  • Only buy as many tickets as you can keep track of fairly easily.
  • Always keep a few spare dabbers in your bag in case yours runs dry.
  • Bring a cushion – those chairs get very hard after a few hours!

Winning Bingo

Whether you’re aiming for a small cash prize or a hamper of bath goodies, winning Bingo is a thrilling experience.

The excitement of having one more number to go, and then the feeling of realising your ticket is filled… and of course, shouting ‘Bingo!’ at the top of your lungs, is totally unforgettable!

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