Online Bingo Halls

Have you ever felt desperate for your Bingo fix but couldn’t leave the house? Bingo halls online allow you to play Bingo from your computer, wherever you are in the world.

Online Bingo is very much like land Bingo, but instead of having to mark your numbers yourself, the software does it for you. The games also have built-in number generators, which randomly generate numbers which are displayed on a board. Special caller software calls the numbers as the balls are shown, and all you need to do is sit back and see if you have any winning tickets.

There are two types of online Bingo halls:

  • Download Bingo Halls
  • Flash Bingo Halls

Download Bingo Halls

Download Bingo halls are games that players need to download to play. This is done via the online Bingo game site, and generally takes up to 5 minutes.

Once the game has been downloaded and installed, players access the game by clicking on the game that is saved on their computer. They then choose a user name, and adjust the game settings.

Here are just some of the game settings that can be selected:

  • Auto Daub (On or Off)
  • Caller and Game Sounds (On or Off)
  • Chat Text and Card Size (+ or -)
  • Chat (On or Off)

The drawback to download Bingo is that you have to install it on your computer, which means it takes up space on your machine.

Flash Bingo Halls

Flash Bingo halls are played live, from the Bingo site. These games use Flash technology, which enables animations and visuals.

Flash Bingo games are a bit simpler to get playing, as no download is needed. Players simply register at their chosen online Bingo halls and then logon to a game to start playing once they have made a deposit.

To play Flash Bingo games, you need the following:

A computer with reliable 56K internet connection

Internet Explorer 5 or upwards or Netscape 7

Minimum memory of 64MB RAM

Macromedia Flash 7 plug-in

See the Finding Bingo Halls page to find out where to find online Bingo halls.

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