Bingo Halls Equipment

There are quite a number of Bingo halls equipment used to play. There are also rules and Bingo etiquette to follow when playing in a Bingo hall.

In this section you’ll learn about:

  • Bingo Hall Supplies
  • Bingo Hall Rules

Bingo Hall Supplies

Bingo hall supplies vary depending on the organiser’s budget and how often the game is played. Once-off fundraiser games may have different needs than regular weekly games.

Bingo Halls equipment needed:

  • Bingo tickets: These are printed on paper and stapled into a strip of six tickets.
  • Markers or dabbers: Many players bring their own markers to dab their numbers on their tickets, but most Bingo halls have a box on hand.
  • Bingo balls and cage: 90 balls are used, and these are randomly sorted in a cage or blower.
  • Caller board: This is where the numbers are displayed as the balls are released.
  • Caller: This is a person who calls the numbers as the balls come out, and then marks them on the board.

Bingo Hall Rules

Rules for each organisation or club may vary, but there are still a few pointers to remember when playing. The following Bingo hall rules will make the game fun and fair for everyone:

  • Make sure that you keep track of your numbers correctly, and that you’re 100% sure before you shout ’Bingo!’ – it can be very frustrating (and embarrassing) if you mis-called!
  • Don’t distract those around you while the game is being played. If you have something to say, try and wait for a few minutes until the round is over.
  • Tolerance and respect is important. Remember that everyone is there to have fun, so try not to make it less fun for others by moaning about not winning or making another player feel bad for winning a few games in a row.
  • You can also buy Bingo equipment to use at home – from Bingo sets to high-tech Bingo machines you can find almost anything you can think of at Bingo stockists online.

It’s as easy as typing ‘Bingo halls equipment’ into your search engine, and browsing the pages that are called up.