Best Bingo Halls

Now that you know all about Bingo halls and where to find them, found out how to hunt down the best Bingo halls so that you can get the best Bingo.

In this section we’ll reveal the following:

  • Best Land Bingo
  • Best Online Bingo

Best Land Bingo

While everyone has their favourite venue, and some prefer to stick to the club they’ve grown to know and love, some Bingo clubs stand out more than others.

Here are some of the top Bingo clubs around the world:

  • Mecca Clubs. Mecca Bingo clubs can be found in almost every town in the UK and Europe. Players can play online via the Mecca online hall or in land Bingo halls.
  • Gala Clubs. Gala Bingo comes in a very close second, and is also one of the UK’s leading Bingo venues. Gala also offers online games.
  • USA Casino. This casino group offers excellent pots and promotions to US players around the country.

The sure-fire way to find the best smaller venues is to feel comfortable playing. You should never have issues with non-payment, it should be near your place of residence and you should have fun.

Best Online Bingo

The best online Bingo halls are the reliable, safe and high-paying games that have a great atmosphere. Using the checklist on the Finding Bingo Halls page, make a list of sites that you think you might enjoy. Then register at the sites and get a feel for the game.

Many sites offer special promotions, including some of the following:

  • Free credits or free tickets to try the games. This is a great way to get a feel for the games.
  • Deposit bonuses in free credits. These will give you a match bonus with points to play more games.
  • Ongoing deposit bonuses in free credits. These are often given out on every deposit you make.
  • Daily chat games to win bonus credits. You can win extra credits when you win these fun games in the chat.

Once you’ve found somewhere that you enjoy, you will know you’ve found your online Bingo home – and those are the best Bingo halls by far! You can also discover a list of the top 50 online bingo game sites at