Australia Bingo Halls

Wondering where Bingo is played down under? In Australia Bingo halls, the game is a bit different, but every bit as action-packed and fun as it is everywhere else in the world.

In this section you can find out more about the following:

  • Australian Housie
  • Bingo Halls in Sydney

Australian Housie

In Australia, 90 Ball Bingo games are played. There, the game is known as ‘Housie’, most likely because players shout “House!” when they have won five lines (or ‘Full House’).

Aside from having a different name, Australian Housie is no different to UK 90 Ball Bingo. It is played using 8 x 3 grid Housie tickets with numbers from 1 to 90, and there are three prizes per game: one line, two lines and three lines or Full House.

As most Housie games are more for the social aspect than big cash prizes, often players win hampers, gift vouchers or wine. Housie games are mostly organised by churches and organisations and played in Australia Bingo halls.

There is usually a break halfway through the Housie game. Super Housie games are played, snacks and drinks are topped up and often a raffle is drawn.

Bingo Halls in Sydney

Bingo halls in Sydney are known for fast and furious Bingo action, and callers in Sydney are amongst the fastest callers in the world! Keeping up may seem a bit daunting, but players soon get the hang of it and start having fun.

It is rumoured that actor Russell Crowe was once a Housie caller in Sydney, and another TV show star, David Wenham (‘Diver Dan’ in Sea Change) once supported himself as a caller at a Housie game in Marrickville Town Hall in Sydney.

There are quite a few professional Bingo groups, who play big money games throughout Australia and Sydney. These groups tend to be larger, however, so games are harder to win.

Mostly, Housie fans in Sydney prefer to play the old fashioned way – in a packed hall, with some great prizes to be won, and perhaps a raffle to win a bigger prize such a holiday or a car if they’re really lucky.

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